Organic Honey: Orange blossom honey

Orange, lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit blooms produce nectar that is used to make zagara honey. It is highly prized for its numerous qualities as well as its peculiar flavor. With floral undertones and a delicious aroma of citrus blooms, it has a symbiosis scent and taste that are both powerful and fresh. It has a liquid fluidity and a golden yellow tint as soon as it is collected, but after it is packaged and stored at lower temperatures, it tends to crystallize and become paler with ivory-white tones.
Given that the honey goes through no additional processing, crystallization is a normal and natural process and a sign of its purity.
Simply warm the necessary quantity in a bain-marie in a glass jar if you want to drink it in liquid form.

Orange blossom honey is a versatile ingredient in cooking and is ideal for herbal teas and infusions, but it is also frequently used in meat marinades, cheese pairings with semi-mature cheeses, and dessert dishes as well as a garnish.

Our organic farm Bio Agricola Ciccone, which is situated in the pristine Iblei Mountains, produces our organic orange blossom honey in its citrus trees. Our citrus grove is mostly made up of lemon and orange trees, but there are also tangerine, pink grapefruit, and citron trees.

A healthy and simple to ingest food is honey. The nectar’s characteristics change based on the plants from which it is produced. Particularly zagara honey provides a number of advantages:
– Antioxidant: It combats free radicals and lowers the risk of disease and early aging.
– Antibacterial: This honey, like many others, has antibacterial qualities that aid in the prevention and treatment of illnesses.
– Digestive: It can ease digestive issues like acid reflux disease and gastritis.
– Calming: It is suggested for herbal drinks to help people relax and go asleep.

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