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Italian organic farm: Bio Agricola Ciccone 

Bio Agricola Ciccone is an italian organic farm.
Our farm is a family-run organic farm in south-eastern Sicily. It is tucked away in the scenic Iblei mountains close to the famed Baroque city of Noto, which is known for its nearly untouched natural surroundings and was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2002.

Our grandpa, Riccardo Ciccone, began the business before 1950 and afterwards passed it on to his children and grandkids.

The choice was made in 2006 to transition the business to an organic system supported by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification).

It is our goal to conserve native cultivars while honoring local customs and flavors in order to further the notion of eating healthily in order to live better.

The distinctive flavor and powerful aromaticity of our fruits, which are a result of our soils’ prolonged exposure to the sun due to their hilly locations in the highest and sunniest parts of the Monti Iblei, are what make them special.

Riccardo Ciccone, Flavia, and Roberta Nobili are currently in charge of the company. In order to benefit both the environment and our customers, we strive to provide natural, unprocessed foods that are of the highest quality.
Maintaining and supporting the diversity and abundance of old seeds while growing the Sicilian land with love and respect using sustainable organic farming methods. We are proud to offer real items that reflect a tale of tradition and love for agriculture because we envision a day when every family can enjoy the natural flavors of our land. Our goal is to engage the neighborhood by creating enduring connections between the land, food, and people.

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