Organic and IGP Lemons

Limoni Siciliani Bio

The Syracuse femminello

is the variety of our lemons which has been awarded the “PGI Limone di Siracusa’’ certification, named due to the high fertility of the plant, which produces 4 blooms a year:

(from October to March), which in turn stands out as ”Primofiore verde (from October to December) with green or yellow skin, Primofiore invernale ( from January to March) with yellow skin, Bianchetto or Maiolino (from April to June) and finally Verdello (from July to September).

The variety is distinguished from the others by a high juice content, 34% higher, and the richness of oil glands in the skin as well as the high quality of essential oils.

Beneficial Properties

  1. Rebalance the Ph of the body
  2. Cold and flu prevention 
  3. Helps the intestine
  4. Fights the free radicals
  5. Helps the cholesterol level
  6. Helps the digestion 
  7. Has antibacterial properties
  8. Helps the eyes
  9. Encourage energy production

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