Organic Jams

Organic jams: Orange

Sicilian navel oranges from our family’s organic farm are used to make our organic orange jam. Since oranges naturally include pectin in their peels, we chose not to include any in our recipe and instead used only fruit and organic cane sugar.
Jam still has some of the healthy qualities of the fruit it is made from, even if eating it is not the same as eating a fresh fruit. Organic orange jam for breakfast not only has a zesty flavor that will please our palate, but it also gives us a jolt of energy to get through the day.
This is undoubtedly a healthier option than many other traditional breakfast or snack foods, like biscuits and snacks high in saturated fat.
In addition to being great spread on bread or rusks, orange jam is frequently used in cooking. It can also be enjoyed as an after-meal or snack when combined with dark chocolate or semi-matured cheeses.
Organic Sicilian orange marmalade’s ingredients
Fresh Sicilian IGP organic Femminello lemon juice, organic Sicilian Navel oranges, and organic cane sugar (20%)
Packaging: 350g jar
After opening the jar, store in the refrigerator and use within a few days.

Organic jam: Grapefruit

Using organic citrus fruits from Bio Agricola Ciccone with the same care and attention to detail as in the previous description of orange marmalade, we have further refined our process to include organic Sicilian pink grapefruit jam. I encourage you to study that section if you haven’t already so that you may gain a deeper grasp of the production processes. The organoleptic characteristics, recipe ingredients, and recommended pairings are described below.
The marmalade keeps its pink hue and flavor, which is exactly in line with the characteristics of pink grapefruits: a delicate balance between sweetness and bitterness (pink grapefruits are less bitter than their yellow cousins), with the traditional citrus fruit aftertaste of a little sourness.
It goes particularly well with cheese made from goat’s milk or with a flowery rind that is old or semi-mature.
The making of sauces to season meats and salads with sweet vegetables like fennel or carrots is another excellent use for it. on fried meals and sweet potatoes. Its qualities are enhanced when paired with savory foods, which creates the ideal umami balance. It is mostly intended to be coupled with savory dishes, but it can also be used in sweet recipes. Try it spread over bread or with rusks for breakfast, along with a layer of butter or yoghurt.
organic ingredients Organic Sicilian pink grapefruit Star ruby and fresh IGP Femminello Siracusano lemon juice (80%) are used to make Sicilian pink grapefruit jam. (20%) organic cane sugar

Packaging: 350g jar
After opening, store in the refrigerator and use within a few days.

Mandarin orange jam:

Our jams are made of the biological clementine grown on our farm. Our recipe contains a small quantity of brown sugar and bits of peels which enhance the flavour.

Spread it on a slice of bread or crackers, serve it with a platter of soft and semi-matured cheeses, or you can use it as an ingredient to prepare desserts.

Ingredients: clementine, clementine peel, brown sugar, lemon juice.
Size: 400 grams jar, 180 grams jar


Sicilian organic jams: handcrafted manufacturing process

Our family-run organic farm grows Sicilian citrus fruits, which are used to make the handmade jams we produce.
In order to take advantage of the fruit’s natural sugar content, we only choose the best fruit and wait until it is at its ripeness peak, typically in the winter months between January and February. This enables us to create a final recipe that contains a high fruit percentage (80%). After being chosen, the fruit is immediately taken to the processing facility in an effort to preserve as much of the flavor of fresh citrus fruit as possible.
Organic fruit, organic PGI Sicilian lemon juice (80%), and organic cane sugar (20%) make up the straightforward and authentic recipe.
There is no added pectin or other stabilizers, additives, or preservatives.
Our citrus fruits are produced using organic agricultural methods, and because they are processed shortly after being picked, the orange peel still contains a significant amount of essential oils that give the finished product an intense citrus flavor. a top-tier organic product from Italy.

You are selecting Bio Agricola Ciccone, a business that has been committed to organic farming (since 2006), long before it was fashionable.
Our decision is guided by a genuine belief in your morals rather than by a business-focused plan. By supporting our business, you are also supporting the small farmers in Southern Italy who are battling to compete with imports from nations where labor is much less expensive and where the long-banned use of extremely harmful pesticides, even in conventional agriculture, is still legal.

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