Organic Almonds


With Avola Almonds we intend exclusively the 3 cultivars: Pizzuta, Romana and Fascianello; these are the most valuable almonds on the international market, all for their organoleptic properties, both for nutritional ones and with a quantity of polyphenols three times higher than those in California.
The early flowering of these cultivars, in the middle of winter, allows it to proliferate only in areas near the sea and on low hills where late frosts are rare. For this reason, the production area is limited to Syracuse and Ragusa (Sicily), as they are the sunniest areas in Italy.

Pizzuta D’Avola

It is the best of the cultivars of Avola; the shell is hard and smooth, with small pores and a pointed end. The seed is large, has an elliptical shape and flat red skin, with a rough surface. They are particularly used in high quality pastry and in the selective confectionery.

Romana or Corrente d’Avola

have a triangular and irregular shape, with a frequent twinning and are used in pastry shops

Beneficial Properties

In addition to being a highly nutritious food, almonds are also a very balanced food, and their use is recommended at certain times when the body is particularly in need of energy like pregnancies, convalescences, sports, physical and intellectual overwork.
Almonds have many properties:

– the richness of monounsaturated oils is beneficial to the circulatory system and to reduce the growth of arterosclerotic plaque in arteries
– Eating raw almonds could possibly help in lowering cholesterol, 
– Not removing the peel increases the production of good intestinal bacteria. 

– They contain important flavonoids which have an antioxidant action. 
– The phosphorus in the almonds is beneficial to the bones and teeth.

As a guarantee of the origin and cultivation of our almonds, our company is a Recognized Certified Producer within the Avola Almond Consortium , assuring  the authenticity’s of our product 

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