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Sicilian Organic Almonds

There are around 400 different varieties of almonds in the globe, but those from the province of Syracuse have developed a reputation for being the most sought-after almonds in Italian and foreign markets. The Avola almonds have received praise for their unique organoleptic qualities, which give off an identifiable perfume unmatched by any other, and their nutritional qualities, which boast up to three times more polyphenols than California almonds.
We only refer to these four varieties of Avola almonds when discussing them: Mandorla Pizzuta d’Avola, Mandorla Fascionello, Mandorla Romana, and Mandorla Corrente d’Avola.
Due to their early bloom, they can only flourish in low-lying, coastal places where late frosts are uncommon. Because of this, the province of Syracuse, one of Italy’s sunniest and warmest regions, is the only place where they are produced. However, this particular component has a significant impact on production.
These almonds’ shells are more impermeable, harder, thicker, and woodier than those of other types, which guards against the growth of aflatoxin. Additionally, although having a very low yield, their nutritional qualities are kept better than in any other cultivar thanks to the retention of the majority of their oil inside. This allows them to maintain their distinct and enduring flavor and scent for an extended period of time.
These Sicilian almonds, which are native to the southeast, require little extra maintenance. Only a light, optional organic fertilization applied once every two years is the only other requirement for their cultivation. The huge trees may actually thrive and produce without irrigation because the area’s favorable climate encourages their natural growth.
In the middle of August, harvesting takes place. The tree is surrounded by tarpaulins throughout this procedure, and the almonds are knocked loose by hitting the branches with enormous bamboo canes. After being collected, they are separated from the husk that covers the shell and let to dry in the sun for a few days.
The almonds can be stored once they are dry and kept in their shells until they are processed.
We vacuum-pack our full ‘Mandorla Pizzuta d’Avola,’ shelled with the peel, in 500 g bags.
After each use, make sure the package is well closed to protect the product’s entire organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Store the product away from direct light at a temperature of no more than 14°C. They will maintain their quality in this way for around a year.

Organic Almonds: Pizzuta d’Avola

The most prized variety of almonds in the world is “Pizzuta d’Avola”. It has emerged as the preferred almond for high-end confectionary because to its leathery red color, oval and flat form, and regular symmetry. Its unmatched organoleptic qualities, which include a distinctive flavor that begins sweet with an amaretto finish and lingers with a hint of almond milk, make it the go-to ingredient for cooks looking to dazzle with distinctive flavors. A lasting sensory experience can be had by tasting it in its unprocessed, natural state. The almond’s hard, smooth, and front-pointing shell is pointed.
Our Avola almonds, which come both in-shell and naturally shelled, are grown in accordance with the principles of biodynamic farming.
They are grown without the use of irrigation or fertilizers. ICEA organic certification is held.

Organic Almond: Romana

The ‘Romana’ almond is one of the earliest varieties of Avola almonds and is representative of the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa. This almond is rich in oils that give it a notably sweet taste, and it has a squat, spherical shape with minor imperfections. The fruit’s bitter taste has made it extremely popular in confectionery, where it regularly produces exquisite results, but it is not rare to find a tiny proportion of specimens with it.

One of the most popular varieties of almonds used in confectionary is due to the mildly bitterish aftertaste, which when coupled with sugar produces the classic almond flavor everyone is familiar with.

In fact, it stars in traditional Sicilian sweets: from cassatina siciliana to ricci di mandorle (almond paste with an almond or a candied cherry as a garnish), passing through frutta martorana (miniature fruit and vegetables made of pure almond paste), mustazzuoli, almond milk, ice creams, granitas, and numerous other typical delicacies that an encyclopedia would struggle to enumerate comprehensively.

Organic Almonds’ Health Benefits and Nutritional Values: Pizzuta D’Avola

Our Avola organic almonds, are a useful natural food supplement. It is advised to include them in your diet on a daily basis, but not to consume more than the recommended daily allowance of 35g, or roughly 25 almonds. Almond consumption has been shown in multiple studies to increase blood levels of vitamin E, which has a lot of positive effects on the body. This is especially true when almonds are consumed in their original state, including the skin, which contains many nutrients that are healty for the intestinal tract. Almonds are a good source of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones, iron, which fights anemia, and magnesium, which has an energizing effect that helps fight stress and exhaustion.

Almonds’ nutrients can help prevent a number of illnesses, including chronic degenerative diseases, hypertension, and metabolic disorders. Almonds are good for heart health, lowering cholesterol, and boosting circulation because of their high Omega 3 and essential fatty acid content. They also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that are helpful in combating the free radicals that cause cellular aging.
If you do sports or eat a vegan, raw, or vegetarian diet and want to make sure you’re getting enough protein, almonds are the best option. They are not just helpful; they are a real elixir of youth and health.

Nutritional Values of organic almonds: Pizzuta d’Avola
The nutritional information for 100 grams of almonds is shown in the table; we suggest converting the information into your preferred unit of measurement.

580 kcal (2434 kJ) of energy
16.3 g of protein
22.91 g of carbohydrates
1.9 g of which are sugars.
Fats: 52.2 g, of which 4.9 g are saturated, 39.5 g are monounsaturated, and 52.2 g are polyunsaturated. 7.8 g
21 g of fiber
28.2 milligrams of vitamin E
Niacin, vitamin B3: 3.9 mg
Minerals: 305.4 mg of calcium
640.2 milligrams of potassium
459.8 milligrams of phosphorus
Magnesium: 195.1 mg.

As a guarantee of the origin and cultivation of our almonds, our company is a Recognized Certified Producer within the Avola Almond Consortium , assuring  the authenticity’s of our product 

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