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Why consume organic food

Eating Organic food means:

Eating organically means: Being a good person, since our dietary choices reflect our overall health.

At Bio Agricola Ciccone, ethics and sustainability coexist with the high caliber and freshness of the food on offer. Our decision to practice organic farming is the result of an inherited and deeply ingrained dedication to the land we farm and the people we feed. a devotion that has evolved over time into a genuine vocation:

Respect for biodiversity and nature

Respecting and enhancing biodiversity and natural balances is a fundamental tenet of our organic farm’s working philosophy.
In order to assure a prosperous future for future generations, we have transformed organic farming into more than just a production methodology. It is now a way of preserving and strengthening soil fertility, water purity, and healthy ecosystems.
Our guiding principle is to treat all living things with the utmost care, which includes comprehending their functions and appreciating each native animal, plant, and microorganism that lives in our agricultural environment.
Every species performs a vital function in the environment, from terrestrial bacteria to pollinating insects to the plants we grow. We want to preserve and improve this biodiversity.
Prevent erosion and safeguard water supplies from pollution, soils are cultivated and cared for in a way that maintains and increases their fertility over time. Our organic farm is dedicated to making sure that the world can continue to sustain humanity in the future.
We extend an invitation to anyone who share this vision to collaborate with us in creating a future in which organic farming is not only a method of production but also a way of life, a means of inhabiting and protecting our planet.

Preserving natural equilibrium and human health

Our strategy for organic farming is centered on preserving the natural balance of our world and the health of growers as well as customers. In the absence of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemical fertilizers, we guarantee our consumers absolutely genuine and secure products while also safeguarding the health of our employees.
It is a gesture of concern for our collective health to refrain from consuming chemical pesticides, which are frequently present in many conventional foods and may be linked to a number of ailments. Children are especially susceptible to these toxins due to their still-evolving immune systems, and our organism is generally not always able to completely eliminate these poisons, which could collect and harm our health.
Every item produced on our property is inextricably linked to the place of origin, reflecting the state of the soil, plants, and environment there.
We provide our consumers with essential foodstuffs that support a healthy, balanced lifestyle in addition to food goods. We think it’s crucial to educate people about the benefits of eating organic food and the importance of protecting the environment because this is the first step in creating a shared vision for a sustainable future.
We are certain that organic farming is a tool we can use to protect our home planet, future generations, and ourselves.

Preventing global warming

Our dedication to organic farming aids in the fight against climate change. Businesses like ours can dramatically lower their carbon footprint by choosing sustainable farming methods. We safeguard the health of the soil and lower the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by utilizing cover crops and organic compost. Avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers reduces greenhouse gas emissions that are created during both their production and use.
In order to help create a better future, we believe that education and knowledge exchange are effective means for increasing community understanding of climate change and the value of purchasing organic and sustainable products.
We are making a good impact on the earth and making a real difference in the battle against climate change by choosing to support and promote organic farming. We are also working to assure a bright future for both the present and future generations.

Authenticity of flavor: the genuine tastes of our country

For us, practicing organic farming represents a return to our roots, a celebration of the authenticity of the pristine soil from which Bio Agricola Ciccone sprung, and a way of life. Ancient local cultivars and our respect for natural cycles, which allow plants and animals to develop and mature at the biological speed that nature has created, are what give flavors their authenticity.
Our farming practices maintain historic regional variety and foster biodiversity. We raise bees to promote pollination, use field beans to improve the soil, and organic manure.
We avoid GMOs in our daily lives out of concern for their potential effects on the environment and human health, as well as because their global proliferation runs the risk of eradicating traditional variations and standardizing tastes.
We provide meals that tell the tale of history and life through their scents, bringing tradition and the genuine flavors of our land right to your table.

Promoting a local economy that is sustainable

We contribute to the local economy by running an organic farm, which helps to create a direct connection between customers and our area.
In order to ensure the freshness of our products and lessen the negative effects of transportation and distribution on the environment, we work to establish a short supply chain that minimizes the distance between those who produce them and those who consume them.
Our dedication to fostering a local and sustainable economy is also demonstrated by our support for small local businesses, our preference for local suppliers whenever possible, and our decision to collaborate with organizations that share our beliefs.

Harmonizing sowing, tilling, and pruning with the moon’s phases

We are motivated by the harmonies of the moon’s cycles on our organic farm since we are persuaded that they have an impact on the plant kingdom. According to ancient agricultural knowledge, the moon’s phases affect plant life cycles by synchronizing their rhythms with the vegetative cycles of crops.
We enable each plant to grow in accordance with its life cycle and express its full potential by synchronizing tillage, sowing, pruning, and harvesting periods with the cycles of the moon.
The growth of plants is influenced by the moon’s various phases. Our farming methods are synchronized with these phases to make sure that every plant realizes its maximum potential.
This method creates food products that are strongly connected to their local environment, distinct for their genuine flavor and high nutritional value, and boosted by the life-giving energy of the land and sky.
Each fruit is a true reflection of nature thanks to harmony with the cosmos and best farming practices, which also let consumers feel the vibrancy of life.

Beyond agriculture, we are committed

As an organic farm, we are dedicated to more than just producing food; instead, we work to protect the environment, assist local organizations, and provide wholesome food that is also a true representation of our community’s culture.
Our sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who has chosen to stand with us in support of a sustainable future in which caring for each and every plant is a modest but essential first step toward creating a better future.

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