Organic Mandarin

Mandarini Biologici


hybrid between mandarin and orange. The Clementine has two aspects that allow us to distinguish it from the mandarin: the seedless pulp and the spherical shape. It peels easily with the fingers, like the mandarin, but the taste is similar to the orange, with less acid. The harvest period runs from November to January.

Beneficial Properties

The beneficial properties are many, thanks to the presence of polyphenols, which give the oil that slightly bitter aftertaste and avoid the formation of free radicals.

Mandarini biologici siciliani


this variety is the first among the mandarins to go into production: it is harvested in December. The skin is fine and the flesh is very sweet and full of seeds


among the later varieties of mandarins, ‘’Marzaiolo’’ is harvested in February and March, the fruit is bigger, very sweet and with few seeds

Beneficial Properties

Limonene in the skin helps prevent ageing because it has an antioxidant effect
– The essential oils of mandarin have antistress properties, help the intestine against constipation and reconcile sleep
– Rich of vitamin C:  strengthens the immune system and fights the signs of time on the skin, such as wrinkles and dark spots
– Contains vitamin P that promotes diuresis and prevents water retention.
– Rich in essential calcium for bones
– Contains potassium and fibre, essential for bones, intestines and blood pressure regulation

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