Organic Pink Grapefruit

Pompelmi siciliani Biologici

Pink Grapefruit (Star Ruby)

It’s a hybrid between yellow grapefruit and red orange and is harvested from November to early spring.

 Compared to yellow grapefruit, they have the same characteristics overall, but the pink one is less bitter, with a higher sugar concentration and the skin is thinner. 

The size of our grapefruit is medium to large and rich in juice.

Beneficial Properties

– ANTIOXIDANT: thanks to the higher concentration of yellow grapefruit, anthocyanins, carotenes and in particular lycopene (responsible for the red colouring of the fruit and effective in the prevention of prostate cancer).

– reduces levels of BAD CHOLESTEROL and TRIGLYCERIDES in the blood.
– rich in FIBRE, in particular pectin, which reduces cholesterol and has a high satiating and draining power.
– rich in A and C VITAMINS that stimulate the production of COLLAGEN, as well as other components of the skin tissue and strengthen the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Particularly when you are on a diet, it is recommended to drink a glass of juice a day to lower cholesterol and dry fat.
In the past dried grapefruit seeds were used as natural antibiotics for the treatment of flu.

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