Cedar Lemon


Imported from Asia by our ancestors, the cedar fruit is characterised by a thick peel which brings numerous healthy properties.

A substance that could be extracted from the peel helps with the digestion process by relieving flatulence thanks to the content of vitamin C. It is also an excellent disinfectant.

As other citruses, the cedar fruit has laxative properties. Drinking a freshly squeezed juice helps to purify the body, while mixing it with lukewarm water helps with constipation.

Beneficial Properties

The citrus is a fruit with many nutritional properties:

  • Vitamins: as other citrus fruits, it is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B1;
  • Flavonoids: it contains a lot of hesperidin, a chemical element held in its zest;
  • Mineral salts: especially calcium and sodium;
  • Sugar: slightly sweet, but it’s sugar is similar to sucrose, glucose and fructose;
  • In its essential oil there are limonin and citral

In the kitchen, you can use the cedar fruit to prepare  salads, excellent liquor, jams and drinks such as cedrat.
In beauty, its essential oil is used to do massages and as an anti-cellulite remedy, especially when combined with almond oil as it simulates the microcirculation.
It contrasts hair loss by stimulating hair growth: you can add two drops to two spoons of alcohol to massage it on the scalp twice a day.

It is a good remedy for kidney disorders and for cystitis.

Finally, it is also an excellent natural repellent against mosquitoes, similar to lemongrass.

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